About Us

Do you miss those old world cookies and cakes your grandmother used to make from scratch? Cuchedatti, cassata cakes, cannoli,.... oh so good you can still taste them? Well you still can! At Romano's Italian Bakery on Kenmore Ave in Tonawanda, Linda & Daniela are still making everything from scratch the way the Romano family has for over 40 years. Each cannoli shell is made one by one, rolled by hand, then hand filled with homemade Ricotta. At Romano's Bakery, even the new specialty cakes or wedding cakes get individual love and attention you won't find at a grocery store bakery. Romano's Bakery, YES the same Romano's you knew for years on Delaware Ave. now on Kenmore near Starin. Call ahead for your custom order and have your cakes and cookies waiting for you. You can have all those Italian cookies you crave for the holidays all year round and even have them shipped to friends and relatives anywhere in the USA. Romano's Italian Bakery,... We love what we do, and so will you!

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